…but that is only half the story.

When you get leads for your business, what happens to them?

Most business owners follow up only once (if at all). But to be truly successful you need to keep in contact with prospects.

Trouble is you don’t have enough time to do that with all the other stuff that needs to be done running a business. That’s where automated marketing comes in.

But where do you find the time to automate your marketing even if you know how?

Well that’s what we do at 48HourLaunch.

We implement great marketing strategies for you and automate them so that they run and run and run with the minimum of management.

This means that proper Facebook and AdWords marketing is taken care of.

Not only that, but correct, relevant landing pages are designed and – of course – when prospects respond they are properly placed in a CRM system which will also subsequently automate follow-up and marketing.

Funnels are also built to make sure every possible prospect is marketed to in a timely and relevant manner to ensure maximum success.

Oh, and you don’t have to coordinate it all. Would that make a difference?

To find out more and to book your no-obligation strategy call, click the button below:

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The Law – Who We Are and How We Work

Protons only:

There is no room for a negative attitude here. Everything is possible. Every day is a great day to have!

Solve problems:

That is what we do here. We solve problems for our customers. There is nothing we enjoy as much as creating a solution from nothing (or some PHP code).

We ask the hard questions:

We are not in the business of doing what is easy. Not for us, and not for our customers either. We are in the business of doing what is best for our business and best for our customer’s business.

We don’t go to work:

We are privileged, and have chosen to do something we love. This is not work.

Always remember: somewhere, someone is digging a 6 foot trench in the rain. That is hard work.

We’re not for everyone:

We can not work with everyone. We are not the right solution for everyone.

However, for the right customers, we are the only solution.

No Dicks Allowed:

Being an arse is not acceptable. We won’t accept dicks as clients, vendors or employees. We will never be dicks. Life is too short. Dicks not allowed.