“If only we had more customers”

Why Is This Still the Most Common Complaint Amongst UK Small Business Owners?

Countdown To Launch!


As a small business owner, you are probably already aware that successful AdWords and Facebook marketing is essential to generate more leads.

However, your day is already jam-packed with all the other tasks you need to perform in running your business, not to mention all the work you take home in the evenings causing you to miss out on precious family or quality time.

Of course, learning how to be successful with AdWords and Facebook is hard in itself even if both those platforms remained consistent, which they don’t.

Google makes around 500 algorithm changes a year

You’ve almost certainly been told that remarketing is something you should be doing. After all, big companies like Amazon do this well.

How many times have you looked at something on Amazon only to be followed around the internet and Facebook for the next few weeks being reminded of your interest in the product?

Amazon manages to do this not because it has gazillions of bucks in the bank. It happens because they use the same technology that is freely available to small business owners like you.

It’s just that Amazon knows how to use it successfully to make sales.

And, of course, you’re probably already aware that to get great results from digital marketing you need dedicated, relevant landing pages.

Not award winning stylised pages but ones which compel your visitor to take some action.

On the assumption that you just don’t have any more hours left in your day to master WordPress, then you are faced with the challenge of finding a web developer who understands marketing.

However, the problem is that even when you find a web developer who understands marketing, they are notoriously over capacity, and take on too many clients.

You find yourself in a long queue, waiting to have simple edits made to your website, slowing down your progress and the growth of your business.

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Success Story: Your Six Figure Fire Training Business


Your Six Figure Fire Training Business, provides training and coaching for Full-Time, Retained or Retired Firefighters to allow them to set up and run a lucrative fire training business from home utilising their existing skills.


  • 303 Leads Generated in 14 Days
  • Facebook Advertising Only
  • Total Traffic Spend: £367.82
  • Cost Per Lead: £1.21

…but that is only half the story

How many times do you follow up with new leads?

  • 48% of business owners give up after the first contact
  • 72% stop after the second contact
  • 84% have had enough by the third contact
  • 90% have disappeared by the fourth contact.

So only 10% of business owners make that fifth follow-up. It appears that 80% of sales are made after the fifth contact.

So why do so many business owners get it so wrong?

There are many reasons, and the simplest is that they let business and life get in the way. Do you get caught up in busywork because it is easier than having to follow up?

Do you just lack the discipline to make those follow-up calls?

The key ingredient that differentiates the average business owner from the great ones is persistence. The persistence to make that first follow-up and the discipline to make half a dozen after that.

It’s persistence that increases a prospect’s confidence in a business owner’s ability. It’s what will make you stand out from your competitors. Moreover, it’s how you stay top-of-mind when the time comes that your prospect is ready to buy.

In building your relationship with a prospect, you’ll develop a much better understanding of their needs and wants. You’ll get to understand their underlying problems, not just the superficial ones that appear obvious.

To be truly successful you need to keep in constant contact with prospects on a regular basis, staying top-of-mind.

Just because you are ready to sell to them today doesn’t mean that your prospects are ready to buy today.

If you could 10x, your current lead flow would your current system cope? 

By properly following up with the leads that you are generating, either by email, direct mail or phone, you are creating opportunities to educate your prospects and position yourself as an expert in your field – the go-to-guy, if you like.

Communicating with prospects in this way helps you to build a relationship with a prospect which leads them to like and trust you.

Doing the hard work upfront to make the selling easier later.

Trouble is you don’t have enough time to do this either, with all the other stuff that needs to be done running your business. 

That’s where automated marketing comes in (often referred to as autoresponders).

This type of system enables you to follow up with each and every lead promptly, based upon they type of enquiry, its value to your business and readiness to buy.

However, where do you find the time to automate your marketing even if you know how?

As a business owner, learning yet another complex software platform might have some long term value but is highly unlikely to be the most efficient use of your time.

Of course, some small business owners solve this problem by outsourcing, which often ends up with one person running the AdWords campaigns, another running Facebook with someone else developing the website and landing pages and yet another looking at autoresponder sequences.

You are then saddled with a new problem as you now need to become the coordinator and project manager for this disparate group of outsourced contractors.

You weren’t looking for another job anyway, but now you’ve got one.

If you’ve already been down this route, you’ll be familiar with the challenges this presents.

If you are thinking of going down this route, then be prepared for one contractor taking no notice of what the others are doing and you end up with an uncoordinated mess, for which no one, other than you will accept responsibility.

Except, you don’t have the time or skill sets to take on this responsibility.

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Success Story: Pamper & Delight

Pamper & Delight is a British company, based in Dundee, dedicated to bringing luxury clothing accessories and home furnishings to discerning yet price conscious buyers. (www.pamperanddelight.co.uk)

  • Complete e-Commerce Store Launch
  • Launch complete in 48 Hours
  • First sales generated within 72 Hours of URL registration
  • 33 sales in the first week of trading

How do we know all this? 

We’ve worked with, spoken to and listened to hundreds of small business owners, just like you who have and are still wrestling to get their digital marketing running efficiently.

Enter stage left, three white knights in shining armour in the form of 48 Hour Launch.

We implement great marketing strategies for small businesses like yours and automate them so that they run and run and run with the minimum of management.

We take care of Facebook and AdWords marketing. We are experts in and work with both platforms on a daily basis.

Not only that, but correct, relevant landing pages are designed and, of course, when prospects respond they are placed in a CRM system which will also subsequently automate follow-up and marketing.

You don’t have to coordinate it all. We do that as well.

Would that make a difference?

Would that give you time back?

Would that free up your evenings and weekends for quality (family) time?

If that sounds like the way you would like to run your business, then you need to read on.

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Success Story: The Scottish Shutter Company

The Scottish Shutter Company, a multi-award winning family business, supplies and installs interior window shutters throughout Scotland. (www.scottishshutters.co.uk)

  • 500 Leads in 30 Days
  • Doubled Monthly Turnover In 4 Months
  • Constant Lead Flow
  • 12 Week Automatic Follow-up
  • Cost Per Lead: £2

Introducing the 48 Hour Launch – 90 Day Digital Marketing Acceleration Programme

A done-for-you lead generation machine for small businesses complete with automated follow-up processes for prospects and repeat order clients.

Over a period of 90 days, we will design, construct and optimise a complete digital marketing lead generation system for your business.

In simple terms: we’ll get you more customers!

We do this for you through five carefully designed stages:

  1. The White Room Process
  2. Marketing Funnel Design & Confirmation
  3. Your 48 Hour Launch
  4. Optimisation
  5. Automation

Stage 1 – The White Room Process

The White Room Process is a whole day, off-site, 1:1 session with Pieter K De Villiers and David Browne. A focused day, working on your business with no phone calls, no emails and no interruptions or distractions.

During this day, we will analyse, in great depth,

  • Your current marketing, including any AdWords or Facebook marketing activity you may have already tried
  • Your customer avatars
  • The design of a detailed digital marketing strategy
  • Your current website and landing pages
  • The key numbers in your business, to find hidden opportunities
  • The strengths and weaknesses of your main competitors

At the end of the WRP day, we produce a written outline and step by step diagram of your new complete digital marketing solution.

Stage 2 – Marketing Funnel Design and Confirmation

After careful consideration and planning, we will have a scheduled video conference with you to confirm and agree:

  • Collateral required (images, videos, artwork, logos, branding, etc.)
  • Initial paid traffic budget
  • Details of generated leads notifications
  • Any other items required for a successful launch

Stage 3 – Your 48 Hour Launch

48HL is a complete launch of your new digital marketing system in 48 hours and requires no involvement from you at all.

The 48HL team will be implementing your full digital marketing strategy as designed and agreed during your White Room Process.

Included are some, or all of the following (This takes up all of our time, but none of yours):

  • Registering new domain names
  • Installing WordPress
  • Registering unique telephone tracking numbers
  • Setting out an AdWords campaign structure
  • Building website/landing pages
  • Writing landing page copy
  • AdWords campaign set up
  • Facebook campaign set up
  • Generating AdWords remarketing code
  • Generating AdWords conversion code
  • Generating Facebook remarketing pixel
  • Generating Facebook conversion tracking
  • Building custom audiences in Facebook
  • Submitting existing customer/prospect lists to AdWords and Facebook
  • Generating lead source and campaign-specific web forms
  • Setting up AdWords Search & Display Network campaigns
  • Submitting all ads for approval by Google and Facebook
  • Setting your digital marketing campaigns live.

All in 48 hours!

(48 Of Our Hours but None of Yours)

Stage 4 – Optimisation

Once the new marketing strategy has been live for a few days, we then look to commence optimisation. In Facebook, this will consist of creating Lookalike Audiences from both your existing and prospect lists. In AdWords, we carry out the equivalent task by creating Similar Audiences from your existing and prospect lists.

The Optimisation Stage will also include extensive split testing of your:

  • Ads
  • Images
  • Landing Pages
  • Ad and Landing Page Copy
  • Offers
  • Opt-ins

We will also look at demographic, psychographic and geographic niching to optimise spending in areas which are performing well.

Optimisation also includes traffic spend reviews to ensure minimum wasted spend.

Stage 5 – Automation

As leads begin to flow it is crucial that they are all promptly followed up and added to your autoresponder sequences. We will construct two main follow-up campaigns.

  1. A 12-week automated email sequence
  2. A repeat purchase email sequence

Each of these sequences will automatically send out emails at a prescribed time and date to your prospects/customers. (Even while you are sleeping.)Note that this is not spam. The purpose of each of these emails is to position you as an authority in your field and encourage the prospect to take the next step.

As soon as a prospect becomes a customer, they immediately drop out of the 12-week automated campaign and then enter into a repeat purchase/additional purchase campaign sequence.

The structure of this will be dependent upon the type of product or service your business offers.

Day 90

At this stage, you will have a fully functioning and highly optimised digital marketing system with automated lead capture and follow-up.

The system we have designed will be entirely yours with no ongoing commitment on your part. (Unless you want us to work on your next project).

For us to deliver the best possible service and outcome for you, we limit the number of clients we work within any 90-day period to ten.

Each 90-day cycle is pre-planned and pre-scheduled so that you will have complete clarity of your entire process from the outset, with stated milestones and dates.

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One payment of £8,250 (excl. VAT)


Three monthly payments of £3,200 (excl. VAT)


Take action join the waiting list and your investment will reduce to:


One payment of £6,500 (excl. VAT)
Save £1,750

OPTION 2Most Popular

Three monthly payments of £2,500 (excl. VAT)
Save £2,100

This is a limited time offer with strictly limited availability.

Act now!

There are only ten spaces in each 90-day period.

Our No Risk to You Guarantee

If you are not satisfied with the performance of the 90 Day Accelerator at the end of the 90 days, you will receive a full refund of any fees paid to us.

Your Marketing Team For The Next 90 Days

Strategy & Systems

Pieter K de Villiers

Having run my own service based businesses over the last 10 years, I developed, first for my own benefit, a great interest in small business marketing and automation.

This grew into a small business automation company and I then joined forces with Jean and David to form 48 Hour Launch.

Key skills:

  • Automated Marketing
  • CRM
  • Facebook Advertising
  • Business Strategy
  • System Integration

Advertising & Copywriting

David Browne

After a very successful sales career, I co-founded what turned into a multi-award winning family business and now run by the second generation. I now devote all of my time to studying and implementing digital marketing.

In 2014, the National Entrepreneurs’ Convention presented me with Best Marketing Campaign Award.

Key Skills:

  • AdWords Advertising
  • Copy Writing
  • Sales
  • Direct Response Marketing
  • Marketing Campaign Strategy

Development & Integration

Jean de Villiers

For the past 9 years, I’ve run my own web development & marketing business, developing websites for various industries including service providers, e-commerce and online communities.

As part of 48 Hour Launch, I now use my skills and experience to help your marketing run like clockwork.

Key Skills:

  • Web Development
  • Advanced WordPress Specialist
  • Advanced HTML & CSS
  • Software Integration
  • Graphic Design

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